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THE PERFECT SILK SWEATER in Red Wine Size 8-10 Only!


Ribbed silk sweater, moulds to the body to emphasise feminine curves. Warm in Winter - Cool in Summer. Functional day wear. Hand Wash, Warm Iron, Do not Tumble. Recommended by Liz Earle's, Autumn 2018 magazine.

* PLEASE NOTE* If any one has problems ordering online, please don't hesitate to call on:  +44(0)1325 460669

"Excellent experience! On a Monday I was perusing your website, unsure if I should spend that much on a sweater I hadn't touched. The next day I happened to see a woman wearing the sweater while shopping in Bath, giving me a change to feel the fabric (thank you, unknown lady!). I ordered it that night. I was utterly surprised when my sweater arrived the next day! It is beautiful, fits perfectly and the color is exactly as it appears on the website. I love it."


    • Women's Silk Sweaters
    • 80% Silk
    • 15% Polyamide
    • 5% Spandex 
    • Warm In Winter
    • Cool In Summer                    
    • Functional Day Wear  


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