French Velvet Blog by Stephanie Dickison of Toronto Canada May 21 2013

April 03, 2013

French Velvet - Incredible Tops & Wraps That Will Revolutionize Your Look & Wardrobe

I am currently giving my wardrobe the big overhaul and what I've come to realize is that for a stylin' wardrobe you need three things:
1. simple pieces that can work in a number of ways
2. stylish pieces that stand out on their own
3. quality pieces that will stand up to constant wear
French Velvet is all of this and so much more.
One of the most essential and versatile pieces you can have is their Traveling Cashmere Wrap from Scotland (pictured above). Whether you're boarding a plane or heading off to a waterside restaurant for dinner, this gorgeous super-soft and sensuous wrap is tres chic and will keep you warm when the evening cools.
It's incredibly lightweight and folds up small enough to fit into your purse or tote, so you can bring it with you without feeling bogged down.
You wear poncho style over the head with the seam running down the right hand shoulder, making it easy to put it on and take it off with ease.
The comfy, cozy feel that the 100% pure cashmere brings is completely addictiveand the cut is so stylish and flattering, you'll be tempted to wear it with just about everything.
I got mine in Violet, which really pops against my usual drab wardrobe, and I am genuinely in love.
One of the best and most unique accessories I've ever found are the Handmade Luxury Collars. Instead of just relying on dowdy scarves like you have for the past decades (I bet you can count a handful of woman you know that are almost never seen without a scarf), you've got to get yourself on of these absolute musts. Similar to a statement necklace, these stunning collars slip on and fasten with a single button, allowing you to completely change your look without having to add on another layer like a blazer or cardigan.

Each collar is handmade and individually designed in Great Britain
, and there are a great many styles and colours to choose from.

What I love about these is that they dramatically dress up everything from a simple tee or tank to all your plain dresses that nowlook runway worthy. The Betty Shawl Collar in Black and White is so classy, and the Cynthia Collar in Pale Blue Check and Francoise Collar in Cream and Black add tremendous office chic to your wardrobe. And should your clothes be in need of a shock of colour (nothing is more flattering than colour around your face), the Darcey Collar in Hot Pink or Petrol will make you shine. 
My Winnie Collar in Mauve & Grey light tweed is a fashion game-changer that takes my clothes up ten notches. Oh, and it's miraculously machine-washable too. Oh. My. God.
Forget the scarves and necklaces, it's all about the breathtaking Handmade Luxury Collars.
And if you're in need of a sweater that is not only comfortable, but incredibly flattering, it doesn't get much better than the Silk Sweater from JW Paris. It's also a money saver because it's cool in summer and warm in winter, thus working for you year round, so go ahead and get them in different colours - there are so many!
What I especially love about it is it's as cozy as wearing pajamas and yet, the criss-cross front and pulled across tummy gives you a perfect hourglass silhouette, making you look like you've just stepped off the red carpet at Cannes.
Made of 80% silk, 15% polyamide and 5% spandex, guaranteed you'll be reached for this sweater over the rest of your collection.
French Velvet really does have it all.